致汉口学院国际学生 | To international students of Hankou University
日期:2020-01-26  发布人:国际交流处  浏览量:114



    Dear international students of Hankou University,

    Recently, the situation of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan is serious. In order to ensure that the virus cannot spread on a large scale, Wuhan has stopped all public transportation in the city and closed the external traffic channels, requiring Wuhan citizens not to leave Wuhan and non-local personnel not to return to Wuhan without special reasons.This is a heroic move of Wuhan since the attack of new coronavirus! Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. In order to help you better respond to the epidemic, Hankou University offer the following suggestions to all the international students.


    Relieve anxiety and fear.


    This pneumonia epidemic is very serious, and Wuhan has locked down. Some international students will inevitably feel nervous and anxious, which is very normal. Students should know that when we stay in the room to prevent the virus, the medical staff are facing the patients;we must believe in science, think rationally, and have a positive attitude.


    Learn to judge and filter information.Avoid high frequency use of the Internet.


    During an outbreak of pneumonia, try to limit yourself to receive information for less than one hour a day. For the information on the Internet, you should learn to distinguish the truth of the news, pay attention to the official information, not hearsay.


    Moderate diversion. Do something pleasant to relax yourself.


    International students who stay in school could listen to music, watch TV series and read books. You can also make good use of your vacation and make new plans for the next semester. You can also send greetings and encouragement to your friends and loved ones.


    Keep in touch with your family.


    The outbreak of pneumonia is known around the world, and your families must be very concerned for your safety.I hope you can have more voice chat and video chat with your family, tell them how you are doing in school, and make them less nervous and anxious.


    Ensure regular diet and rest,and get some exercise.


    Regular living schedule is the basis of health, but also the most basic guarantee for our response to the pneumonia epidemic.At the same time, moderate exercise can help reduce mental stress, boost immunity, and boost self-confidence.


Understand and support the medical staff on the frontline


    Please show your respect, support and gratitude to the medical staff, as well as the service personnel, sanitation workers and police who are still at their posts. It is their persistence that keeps us safe. We also ask that all international students who stay in school should not leave the school. Your good health is your greatest support to the medical staff.