College of International Exchange

The international education of Hankou University has been carried out since 2004, which came into being at the historical point of implementing the "Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development Plan", and it is one of the earliest colleges and universities that have passed the approval of the Ministry of Education to organise the undergraduate and specialist Chinese-foreign cooperative projects and included the unified enrolment plan. Besides, Hankou University is also one of the first universities in Hubei Province to recruit international students. In terms of the number of Chinese-foreign co-operation programmes and the number of students enrolled in Chinese-foreign co-operation programmes, Hankou University has taken a leading position among similar institutions in the province. As for the international students studying in China, Hankou university has recruited and trained a group of students from 20 countries and regions all over the world.


In order to better promote the Chinese-foreign cooperative education, understand the current situation and development trend of internationalisation and learn the advanced education concepts from abroad, Dr. Luo Aiping, the chairman of the university, has visited abroad with Xi Jinping and other leaders of the party for many times, to look for the opportunities of the Chinese-foreign cooperative education and plan for the development of the university in the future.


Philosophy of School


The school adheres to the philosophy of "nurturing, comprehensive development, comprehensive training and specialisation". We strive to educate every student and develop every teacher, to build a "teaching, management, service" trinity of education system, to optimise the conditions of operation and teaching methods, and to provide students with an excellent learning environment and a high-end platform for studying abroad.


Institutional Setting


After more than ten years of development, the school has already had a perfect student training system and a stable channel to go abroad. The school has the following departments: British and American Programs, European Union Programs, Australia and New Zealand Programs, Japan and Korea Programs, International High School Course Centre, Language Training and Study Abroad Service Centre, International Students Service Centre, and the Institute for Internationalisation of Education.


Faculty Resources


In order to attract more foreign experts and professors and integrate international advanced teaching concepts and management experience, the university actively introduces foreign high-quality resources and formulates international appointment criteria. At present, there are a number of foreign experts and professors, including Dr Peter Sachsenmeier, academician of the German National Academy of Sciences and Engineering and professor of Oxford University; Manfred Opel, former member of the German Parliament, vice-chairman of the Finance Committee of the German Parliament, and founder of IBMO; Dr Kim Joo-chang, PhD of Peking University and professor of Dangguk University in South Korea, and other experts and professors, who have already been appointed to join our university.


Co-operation Projects


International education acts as a strategic window for the implementation of the school's international outlook, Hankou University has established relationships for all-round, multi-level study of the master's degree of Chinese-foreign cooperation projects with New York University (USA), George Fox University (USA), Columbia College Chicago (USA), Santa Fe University of Art and Design (USA), Eastern Illinois University (USA), Technische Universität Berlin (Germany), Université de Paris XI (France), Université de Paris VII (France), Conservatoire National de Versailles (France), University of Northampton (UK), University of Sunderland (UK), University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), University of Western Australia (Australia), Commonwealth University (Australia), Massey University (New Zealand), The University of Auckland (New Zealand), Dankook University (South Korea), Kyung Hee University (South Korea), Konkuk University (South Korea), The University of Tokyo (Japan), Kurono University of Fine Arts (Japan), Japan University of Technology (Japan), Universiti Keio Malaysia (Malaysia) and so on dozens of first-class foreign colleges and universities. Moreover, Hankuk University has regular long and short-term study tours and course credit programmes with the University of California, Berkeley (USA), the University of Northampton (UK), the University of Sunderland (UK), the London School of Business (UK), the University of Western Australia (Australia), the University of Dangguk University (South Korea), the University of Tokyo (Japan), and the University of Creative Science and Technology Lim Kok Wing (Malaysia), respectively.




The College of International Exchange has trained a large number of international students going abroad in recent years, and the graduation rate of students in international education programmes is 100%. The graduated students have a high employment rate, spreading to the first-class metropolises in China and abroad, and their employment fields involve dozens of fields such as finance, art and media, and so on. After the joint cultivation, the students have a broad vision, solid professional knowledge, good foreign language skills, strong cross-cultural communication skills, and are welcomed by employers.